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Mbali Mbali Mahale

Chimpanzee Trekking

The minimum participating age for chimpanzee trekking as determined by TANAPA is 12 years old. Chimp Viewing is limited to a maximum of 6 people per group for 1 hour at a time. Chimpanzee trekking is conducted on day of departure and day of arrival only if time allows subject to arrival/departure schedules and chimps location. Maximum viewing time is one hour per day. If the chimps are moving and viewing is interrupted, your time will be paused until they have been relocated, but trekking is not permitted for longer than 3 hours after the initial chimp sighting, even if the one hour total has not been reached. This is to minimize disturbance to the animals and to the forest.

Mahale is home to a population of chimpanzees who have been studied by Japanese researchers; they have quietly conducted some of the most important scientific work on these primates from as early as 1960's. The park is just over 1600 sq kms and hence during the rainy season it can prove to be more challenging to trek for chimpanzees are they remain higher in the mountains when they do not need to come to the lake or rivers for water.

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Water Activities

Once in Mahale, you can enjoy kayaking, boat safaris and lake fishing.

One Boat Safari in Mahale is included per stay (two hours).
Option 1: See the Hippos and take a short river cruise and try the local methods of freshwater fishing.
Option 2: Visit a neighboring fishing village, Katumbi, for a Cultural Tour.
Pay for another boat safari to do both for 85 USD per person for 2 hours.

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Birding and Forest Walk

Proceed on a forest walk of Mahale Mountains National Park. Learn about the Flora and Fauna on your trail from your expert guide.

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Mbali Mbali Mahale

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